Strange Hungers

SadieHennessy_elephant_w.jpgSadie Hennessy, Elephant in the Room, Collage, 2011

Strange Hungers was a pulp fiction book from 1963 set on the island of Haiti where the notorious Ah Sing and Mei Lai conduct pagan love rites! It is also the title of an exhibition that made me laugh out loud when i visited it a few days ago.

Sadie Hennessy – Strange Hungers delves into the mysterious workings of desire, and the insistent lusts and yearnings of the sexual appetite.

Hennessy‘s prints, collages using vintage housewives magazines, sculptures that adorn mundane object with sexual innuendos are relentlessly campy and witty.

This is the shortest review i’ve written in a long time. But i don’t feel like adding any gravitas to the images below.

0ww-milf.jpgMilf Magazine, 2011

0ww-sex-op.jpg0aateatowner.jpgLondon 2012 Souvenirs (100% Linen Tea Towels)

0apornstariv.jpgPorn-Star Eyes (iv)

closeup180647.jpgMother Love, 2011 (detail)

regiseno180646.jpgMother Love, 2011

0aancorelecheval9.jpgHappily Ever After, 2012 (detail)

0Angelika-Place-Mat.jpgPlace Mat, 2012

0FB-no-knickers.jpgsuicidebridggg.jpgSadie Hennessy – Strange Hungers is at the WW Gallery until 14 July 2012.