Strainings is a tactile, sound and light installation contained in a silo. The many interpretations of the word “strain” embrace all of this: to sift and to sort, as well as to stretch and pull a string. In Strainings the audience decides what should be heard and seen.


By pulling strings, they change the mesh of the strainer/ the large web. Light, sounds and images are strained and created.

7 light ropes of 6 meter long are hanging from the roof and pulled through a web of flexing rubber bands. Interacting with the light ropes changes the structure of the web that cast shadows on to the projected images on the wall. A camera analyses movements in the ropes and the input is used to change and modify the light, the ropes and the sound.

The background sound consists of bell frogs recorded in Baldringe, Sweden, strings and synthesised sounds that change, mix, and filter generatively. The interaction sound consists of trumpet loops with granular synthesis making it possible to play continuously and changing tones when pulling the ropes.

By Anders-Petter Andersson, Birgitta Cappelen and Fredrik Olofsson at MusicalFieldsForever.