Shachihoko comes alive as a robot

Just another example of an imaginary creature coming alive as a robot. Shachihoko is an imaginary creature, a kind of tiger fish — it has the head of a tiger and the body of fish. Golden statues of Shachihoko were used as decorations for some Japanese castles. The ones at Nagoya Castle in Aichi prefecture are the best-known.

[Shachihoko. Photo by Gnsin. GNU Free Doc License]

A company called Ryomei built a Shachihoko robot and showed it at the Aichi Expo last year. PC WATCH has a couple of video clips (1, 2) of this Shachihoko robot.

[Shachihoko robo]

Ryomei has also developed other kinds of fish robots. Video clips: red sea bream, carp, and coelacanth.

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