Robot moves dishes from table to dishwasher

Sharp has developed a humanoid robot that clears dishes from the table and puts them into a dishwasher. Unfortunately i couldn’t find any image of this marvelous tool for the uber-lazy. Here’s the text:


“The robot opens the door of the dishwasher, takes hold of teacups, rice bowls and plates, places them in the unit and closes the door.

The cleanup device, measuring 95x50x45cm, is modeled after the upper half of the human body. It has small cameras in its head and wrist and incorporates tactile sensors in the tips of its five fingers. It moves its arm and fingers skillfully to grasp dishes over a 40x20cm area of the table and can recognize ceramic and plastic objects.

The robot needs to be taught in advance the features of dishes and how to grasp them.”

Via Nikkei.