For your agenda: Resist’s live webcast on Oct 16th

The current crisis has had the effect of making even wider the divide between people who think that they should stay low and eat frugally until merrier times finally come back and those who believe that the recession is just another sign that the system our economy relies on is fucked up and that time has come to look for alternative. More ethical alternatives.

Resist, is bringing you the live webcast of a debate that will try to bring some answers to the question:

How will decentralised communications networks shift the way we understand poverty and our power to resist its causes?

The event, supported by Amnesty International UK, takes place online on October 16th – New York: 10am / London: 3pm / Mumbai: 7.30pm.

From the press release: Global media conglomerates no longer monopolise the ability to transmit messages both locally and internationally. The use of the internet, mobile phones, satellite radio and the declining cost of media technologies have transformed the way individuals and communities voice their concerns. Many have argued that these decentralised communications networks have lead to an increasingly democratic and accessible media culture. Yet there has been little discussion around how these networks might impact our understanding of poverty as well as serve as a means to resist its causes.

This event will ask how we can harness the power of these networks in order to more effectively depict and understand the complex web of reasons behind the existence of poverty. And can these networks in the long run open up a space for people who live in poverty to participate in the culture of political life?

Panelists participating to the Debate – Web of Dissent

0aagabrielbe.jpgGael Garcia Bernal is an actor whose credits include The Motorcycle Diaries, Amores Perros and Y tu mamá también. He is currently making Resist, a documentary on individual stories of rebellion, told through a website and film project to be released in 2010.

Colm Ó Cuanacháin is Senior Director of Campaigns with Amnesty International. He has held a number of other roles in Amnesty, including Secretary General of the organisation’s Irish Section. He worked formerly as Head of Campaigns with ActionAid International.

Roland Harwood is Director of Open Innovation at NESTA. He heads up NESTA’s Connect programme, which supports innovation through extreme collaboration.

Wai Mun Yoon is a digital strategist and consultant who has over a decade of experience of using innovative technologies and emerging media platforms to communicate with global audiences.