Public transports frustrate Moneta users

Customers of SK Telecom Moneta mobile credit-card service, which allows to make direct online payments via mobile handsets, have to face technical bugs of Seoul’s brand-new public transportation system: the new card readers on buses and subways fail to read and update information on the previously used handsets.

Korean Smart Card, the company in charge of the T-money traffic card on public transports, claims that the glitches are due to SK Telecom’s refusal to accept the government standard “Type-A” technology on its Moneta-equipped devices, while SK Telecom insists that the standard, used in Moneta is fully compatible with Type-A.

But the metropolitan government should be blamed too for its poor planning and management of the city revamped public transportation system, with malfunctioning new prepaid traffic cards and restructured bus lanes causing confusion among commuters.

From The Korea Herald.