Reflective stencils

Sascha Pohflepp‘s Echo project (2002) aimed at reminding the places, people and events that happened but are almost lost in history. In particular, the concept revealed how some places have been renamed every time a new government came into charge in Berlin.


Shadows of the past street sign mast were added on the floor or on the walls in a way that the new shadows were only visible in the night as bright reflections on the ground. Through stencils adhesive or clear paint was put on the concrete. In the coating, reflexbeads (tiny glass beads used on road buildings) were inserted that reflected light back. Depending on the viewers’s angle or the light source, the shadow appeared at night.

Based on this technique, Lisa Rave created a series of wild animals that were set free in the city of berlin.

The pictures use reflective beads that only appear when directly illuminated, making the animals invisible during daytime and visible in the night, especially when driving by in a car.