Exploring the “scope of geekdom” in Croatia

0ammmmma.jpgMonsieur Marcell Mars from Mama has invited me to Croatia so that’s where i am heading today.

On Monday, i’ll be giving a talk in Rijeka, at the Molekula center.

Then back to Zagreb on Tuesday for another talk at Club Mama. Apparently, i will be talking about this which looks quite confusing but is very probably reflecting what my talk will be like: my poor lovely white computer crashed (i learned the meaning of “backup” in the process) and preparing a presentation has gone from “i’ll do that 10 minutes before the conference” to “Zut! it will take me aaages to find those images for the slides.”

The talk is part of g33koskop, a program which explores the scope of geekdom… anything geek… projections, selections of online videos, talks, discussions, reading groups, etc.