The minimal truck

Copenhagen-based N55 and artist Pelle Brage thought that most transporting tasks could be solved by smaller, slower and lighter vehicles than the ones used today. So they have just developed the SMALL TRUCK , a lightweight, lowcost, manpowered vehicle that enables you to move loads up to about 200 kg at max. 10 km per hour.

smllt1.jpgsmlltr2.jpga transport company, a small shop, restaurant, cinema or office, or it could be equipped to offer an unfoldable concert scene, public library, or a mobile home.

For the chassis, standard square recycled steel tubes, recycled and altered bicycleparts are used. The superstructure was made with PE- containers, but other materials can be used.

N55 recommend that the trucks are made available for others when they are not in use.

Via je chaise.