Pay at the toll with your phone

Melbourne area, in Australia, is to test a system allowing drivers to pay toll road charges with their mobile phones.

In the near future, they will be able to top up their accounts from a credit card, and be warned when their account is getting low.
The system can also text or email drivers about traffic delays.

The advantages of the system over the one currently used are numerous:
– Citylink relies upon e-tag transponders and detectors, camera systems and gantry structures to hold them; these are expensive, the new technology would be able to replace them at a much lower cost,
– any road could be turned into a tollway without adding infrastructure.
– the new system would solve the biggest problem for electronic tolling: drivers who do not have an e-tag or know the system. Instead of risking a fine for failing to call to get their car registered with the system and pay for access, they could have the charges added to their mobile phone bill.

From Australia IT.