Ornamental Bug Garden

Even if you understand nothing about the Ornamental Bug Garden piece (and I´m not sure I understand the work at 100%), its sheer beauty is such that you´d want to take the installation and install it in your bedroom to gaze at it during hours.


Behind a glass slab hanging on the wall, an ecological system works as a living kinetic painting. Below branches, generated with Lindenmayer algorithms, is a delicate ecosystem where tiny shapes jump around and onto each other, spores explode, and bubbles float like pollen.

OBG001 is the first part of Boredom Research´s series of wall hanging digital self-contained systems. The works combine elements of video games, pachinko machines, ornamental gardens and artificial life to explore relationships between scientific modelling techniques and ornamental gardens. As OBG´s colonies of tiny machines catapult around their garden, collisions trigger sounds and compose an incidental sound piece.

OBG is a close system like the earth taking only energy as its input other than that nothing enters or leaves. There is no human interaction with the system.