Wi-Fi Straitjacket

Constraint City – The Pain of Everyday Life lets you literally, feel this pain of information society. The higher the wireless signal strength of close encrypted networks, the tighter the corset gets.


The fetishistic garment, created by Gordan Savicic, is equipped with servo motors and a WIFI-enabled Nintendo DS. Electromagnetic waves are controlling the chest strap, shaping their invisible architecture directly onto the body.

Daily walks between home, work and leisure are recompiled into a “pain-map” which is fetched from GoogleMaps servers with automated scripts. The map keeps tracks of the wireless networks along the route, but also of the wearer’s détours when entering a very dense network place.

The technique, which the artist calls Inverse War-Driving, challenges the discourse about locative and wearable media.
How could i not think about Stahl Stenslie‘s project The Walker. A corset placed around the waist tightens itself a little bit for every step you take – until it is so tight that you suffocate.

Constraint City: The Pain of Everyday Life is one of the nominees for the Transmediale award.

Via neural.
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