Nanotech, virtual or sugar golf balls

Having been awarded the title of “worse golf player in the galaxy” at a Fore competition during the Ars Electronica festival this year, I’d gladly welcome the arrival of NanoDynamics ‘ nanotech golf ball that can correct its own flight path. The design and the materials of the ball better channel the energy received from the club head, allow to correct its flight path and how its weight is distributed at a given moment.

The ball is expected to hit stores in the spring of 2005 and cost $7 to $8 apiece.

Via News Com.

Let’s get back to Fore: the installation made you shoot for your (or the one of an opponent) alter egos in virtual space on a huge screen. The ball’s velocity and trajectory provided the data to compute its subsequent flight in virtual space.


The output of a bluebox system confronted the player with his/her exact likeness, which can be positioned in the virtual landscape by means of hand motions. Through this process of duplication, the player becomes not only a driver and quasi-joystick but a target as well.

But I fear I’m a hopeless golfer, so I’ll better invest in Emiliano Godoy’s sugar golf tees that he designed for his Sweet Disposable collection, a series of prototypes where a product’s lifespan is matched by its material’s longevity.

Via Treehugger.