Helmet of the day

0aa1er.jpgOne Eye Ball is an attempt by Hung-Chih Pen to experience the world from the view of dogs.
He mounted LCD displays approximately the size of eyeglasses in a helmet and connected them through a tube with a camera attached to the end of this trunk. The trunk reached to just below the knee of the viewer, just the height, where a dog’s eyes would normally be. Inside the helmet, the display shows what the camera records through the “dog eye”. You can control the camera by hand or by moving the body and thus view the world from various perspectives.
While learning to deal with this new medium, viewers experience a feeling of dizziness: it is as though they have to newly adapt all the nerves of their body to this situation, in order to experience the sensory perception conveyed by this new medium with its low-control and high-tech feeling.
More of Hung-Chih Peng’s work at the Virgil de Voldaire Gallery, New York. A solo show of the Taiwanese artist, Canine Monk, will run May 24 – June 23, 2007.
Via ArtCal.
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