Latest collection of accessories for Augmented Animals

While visiting the exhibition titled Betes de Style/Animals With Style at the MUDAC museum in Lausanne (reviewed so far in three posts: 1, 2 and 3), i discovered some new Augmented Animals gear. As explained in a previous post, James Auger‘s project envisions a world where some of man‘s technology has been developed for other animals, tending to some of their specific needs. The designer’s latest creations include:


The natural ability to raise the hair along the length of his back when confronted with dangerous situationshas been lost by many domestic breeds. Augmented Dog Hackle proposes to equip the pet with automated hackles. Either heart rate variation registers any change in the dog’s autonomous nervous system activating the mechanism or the dog owner, sensing confrontation in the park, activates the mechanism by remote control.

0cageforb.jpgModified Birdcage for Captive Birds. Using technology developed for testing aerodynamic capability, this birdcage enables the bird to experience the sensation of a long flight within the confines of the cage.

0plaentrap.jpgModified mousetraps to allow house owners to choose the genre of entrapment. The arrival of the sacrificial rodent is then met with happy anticipation rather than dread.

The Augmented Animals prototypes are on view at the MUDAC, Musée de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains, in Lausanne (Switzerland), until February 17.

Images courtesy of the designer. On flickr.