Mirror_SPACE, by Brigitta Zics, is a virtual mirror which projects a modified, virtual image of the viewer onto the screen, by combining His/her face with data collected simultaneously from the Internet.


The image behaves like a real mirror-image: it changes its position, dimensions and features according to the movement of the viewer. The mirror-representations of individual visitors also interact with each other, and their audiovisual representation is perceivable as within the mirror-space.

When a visitor goes away, the image remains and continues to move together with other representations till the images of new visitors appear on the screen.

Through communication among software systems (3D visualisation, motion-tracking, data-analysis, and sound-effects programs) and the internet, the system creates an audio/visual sequence of events while taking into consideration the properties and movements of the viewer. The work examines how the audio/visual sequence created by the interactive system affects the user experience.