News on the blog then off to Berlin

Max has finally fixed the sidebar of the website. Graaazie Max! And I’ve updated the blogroll with my favourite links.


And I’m off to Berlin to check the open days at the University of the Art. Will report as usual. Going to events like this is the best way for me to keep informed on what’s going on in the media art scene as I don’t find much echo of it in the press. Unfortunately, I’m not rich and this brings me back to the website.

There’s a rather nifty banner advertising the fact that we’re looking for a real banner. From a cool sponsor in tune with what’s published on wmmna. As we’re total whores, there’s also a button for paypal donations. And I’ll use the money to go to and blog Ars Electronica, not to shop in Milan. Well, of course, if some of you want to be extreeemely generous….