Magazine recommendation: EE #2. Beyond Nature

Photo: EE -Experimental and Emerging Art Norway

The month’s been merciless workwise but I’ll soon be an almost-lady-of-leisure again and regular service will eventually resume. In the meantime, here’s a quick but rhapsodic recommendation if you’re in the mood for an intelligent, engaging and free to download art magazine. EE -Experimental and Emerging Art Norway, a magazine edited by artists Stahl Stenslie and Zane Cerpina, explores experimental art projects and ideas that expand and defy traditional notions of art.

The theme of the second issue is Beyond Nature:

EE #2 moves Beyond Nature, investigating experimental and emerging ways of understanding as well as making art/nature. This issue visits not just hybrid, but also parasitical ways of doing art in times of danger and apocalyptic visions. In the current ecological and socio-political crisis, the function of the artist emerges as more critical than ever.

The content is varied and sharp, the design is efficient and alluring, the writing style very accessible.

Photo: EE -Experimental and Emerging Art Norway

Highlights include interviews:
Oron Catts talks about contestable objects, speculative biology, artists as “instruments of this neoliberal project of innovation”, the danger of losing art as a space for critical engagement, etc. Alessandro Ludovico explains the motivations behind his investigation into post-digital prints, and Neural’s traveling Temporary Library. Max Dovey has some smart comments on artists as bug fixers and about the art and design community’s disappointing response to geopolitical issues. Kenneth Korstad Langås briefly narrates how the Deichmanske Library in Grünerløkka came to be open to artistic experiments, including loud ones. Notto J.W. Thelle discusses emerging tendencies in sound art and sound as a sculptural phenomenon.

There are also reports from various contemporary art events, ranging from Hybrid Matters to the Winter Solstice Night Exhibition. With plenty of good quality photos, short descriptions of artworks exhibited, quotes from the participants, etc.

Do also have a look also at their EE360 Online Gallery, an online archive of video and photos of art installations, experimental performances and exhibitions taken with a 360 degree camera.

Some of the works i discovered in the mag include:

Thom Kubli, Black Hole Horizon, 2012-2015

Kirsty Kross, performance at Winter Solstice

Garry Williams, Press, 2016

Photo: EE -Experimental and Emerging Art Norway