Macro-videos for musicians in action

The GAMERZ festival closed a few days ago in Aix en Provence. The first time i visited it was in 2010 and i decided then that it would be my favourite festival of the year. A few editions later, it still is the most exciting event in my calendar. I’ll explain the enthusiasm with more details in the upcoming blog reports. In the meantime, i’m going to highlight Eye for Ears , a work i discovered during one of the performance nights.

0videodisl5ab200.jpgScreening of Eye for Ears at GAMERZ. Photo : Luce Moreau – for M2F Créations

0cuT_24_2apone.jpgSession with Aphone, instrument: RadioFreeRobots LP, 2008

Jérôme Fino defines these videos as Macro-videos for Musicians in Action.

The short films show what i’m supposed to be fairly familiar with: a documentation of experimental musicians improvising sound works. However, the gestures of the performers, the devices they use are shot from up-close. Fragments, tips of the fingers, knobs about to be turned, strings vibrating, etc.

The idea is ridiculous simple but perfectly executed. Eye for Ears (that’s the name of this video series) made me discover new sound artists but also allowed me to see the physicality of their sound performance.

Session with Tapetronic

Session with Jean-François Laporte

Macro-Static with Yann Leguay

The focus is locked, the environment disappears, the camera is used like a machine to dissect the sound. Eye for Ears propose a music notice, an instinctive music played like a game. Diversion and research take part of this game, which rules are redefined each time.It’s almost a physical experience, the sources of sounds and the relation between movement, materials and oscillation become evident. Documentation about improvised music, the project «Eye For Ears» is also an essay on the film and its soundtrack.

0s8laprojo98c4828.jpgScreening of Eye for Ears at GAMERZ. Photo : Luce Moreau – for M2F Créations

0cuvalentinaT_23_1.jpgSession with Valentina Vuksic, 2008

0acuT_14.jpgSession with Yann Leguay, instrument: Cutter-Off, 2008

A portrait of the machines, manipulated by their invisible creators.

More videos? This way, please!