Kaleidoscope of colorful fashion

“Colors: Viktor & Rolf KCI” exhibition, which opened at the Mori Art Museum last week, is a study of the perception and relevance of color over the last 400 years, reports the Japan Times.

“The exhibition is split into five rooms with distinct atmospheres created through theatrical staging and lighting to articulate the complex psychology of color.

The sculptural effect of layers of jackets in Viktor & Rolf’s opening piece hints at layers of perception like a modern Russian doll. This represents life cycles in the progression from white to black through beige.


While the models traverse the catwalk, live images of them are projected on to a screen replacing the scintillating blue clothes with videos of sea and sky, cities and deserts.


All the pieces from different eras suggest optimistic hopes for the future, and “Colors” claims artistic lineage and social relevance for fashion. Viktor & Rolf feel their clothes are expressions of ideas rather than design whims pandering to the trends and caprices of the fashion market”.