Technorati doesn’t give a damn

Just a quick post to rant again. Quick reminder: on Wednesday, a search for on Technorati resulted in a page that contained repeated sponsored links titled “we make money not” pointing to websites that explain you all the tricks to “Turn Your Debt Into Dollars With This Money Making Opportunity” and get rich from home. Some readers might even think that they are real posts from we-make-money-not-art or that i endorse them.

Of course we wrote asking them to remove the offending ads ASAP. No answer so far. We wrote yahoo as well. In vain. Technorati did their bit of P.R. in the comments of the post, saying they’ll try to solve the problem. Well, the horrendous ads are still there, guys! Technorati uses overture (Yahoo Publisher’s Network) so they can’t really guess what kind of ads is going to appear. But at least they could block any offending ads (yes, i do find offending to be associated to debt recovery websites), i mean i do it regularly with google ads, it takes a second. I always regarded Technorati as a reliable (if not perfect) authority so far. How naive! Shame on you Technorati!