Tangible movie editing for kids

Japanese media artist couple Mika Miyabara and Tatsuo Sugimoto‘s new concept for movie editing helps children understand the process of editing which has become too abstract since losing the actual film itself.

Movie Cards
turns digital, abstract film material back into something tangible: paper cards.


1. Film your story with a digital camera.
2. Connect your camera to a computer with Movie Cards software installed.
3. The software will print out the movie cards. These small cards show the first image of each sequence taken from your camera.
4. Lay your cards on the table and arrange them in which ever order you want them to be.
5. Each card has a little QR-code or bar-code, so you can use a scanner or bar-code reader to beep-in your movie cards in the order you decided.
6. Preview on your monitor! Done.


The advanced concept of Movie Cards, enables you to print out each frame of your movie clips. The result looks very close to actually holding a film in your hand.

Since every frame has an individual bar-code printed next to the image you can edit the length of the clip by scanning the start and end frame of your sequence instead of cutting the film.

The developers also suggest to cut all of your desired frames and create a little flip-book.

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Via PingMag.