Japanese capsule hotels land in Britain

The concept of Japanese hotel rooms that amourous couples can rent by the hour is being brought to Britain.

The “YOtels” should be “designer” hotels at budget prices. The rooms are just 10 square metres, with ensuite shower rooms. They will have rotating beds (a space-saving, rather than kinky, feature), aeroplane-style lighting and the latest television, broadband and WiFi technology.


Instead of having external windows, the rooms will have “internal ones” looking on to a communal corridor. Natural light will be directed into the corridors by reflective mechanisms and the channelling of daylight. This way, the company can save money on the land needed for the hotels, packing rooms in on a small site.

Although the Yotel will have an automated check-in, finger print access to the rooms, and guests can stay without talking to a member of staff, Yotel is intended to be cosy rather than austere. There will be seats in the corridors, where guests from different rooms can socialise.

A full-scale model of a Yotel room will go on show at the 100% Design exhibition this month.

This new breed of hotel are to be adapted in Britain by Simon Woodroffe, the entrepreneur behind the Yo! Sushi restaurant chain, where the food comes round on conveyor belts and robots serve the drinks.

From The Independent.