Itokageboushi: Personal Portal to a “Dream World”

Another installation using “programmable shadows” was created by Azusa Saito. It’s called Itokageboushi, meaning something like a “string shadow monk.” When participants touch the strings integrated in the 3D art object, animated fish, trees, birds, and other organically shaped entities appear near the object’s “shadow.”


[itokageboushi in action]

A video clip available on the Digital Stadium website.

Compared with other projects using a similar technology, Itokageboushi may look more personal, small, and “organic”. Perhaps a nice thing to have on your desk or at your favorite tea house?

Reiko Aizawa, a judge of the Digital Stadium, says: “Feels like there’s a portal to a dream world. I do want to have a cup of tea right here, like I’m in a café.”

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