InstantSOUP is a cookbook to make electronic prototypes, an introductory path into Physical Computing through a series of examples. Each example is a step-by-step recipe to follow leading to a working prototype ready to be consumed. Each recipe introduces a new physical computing element and builds on the previous ones learned.


After completing the basic set of InstantSOUP examples you will be able to create your own yummy prototypes.

InstantSOUP has been developed for students of interaction design, product design, architecture to explain them how to prototype concepts that involve digital behaviours, to produce interactive artifacts that give a direct experience of your concept.

InstanSOUP is a way to connect Flash programs with the physical world. You can make physical input devices for games, connect hacked electronic gadgets to Flash, or do anything else that connects the virtual and physical


Existing recipes include a NetBell that informs you whenever a visitor enters your site, a physical version of the ‘Color Picker’ on the computer, a digital Etch A Sketch tablet, a sound toy with four pads, etc.

Developed by Yaniv Steiner, with Massimo Banzi, Giorgio Olivero, Hernando Barragan and Paolo Sancia.
Seen at the Greenhouse effect show, during the Salone del Mobile.