Mirror UVA

In the Mirror UVA exhibition by United Visual Artists, a Digiclops camera captures a 3-D image of an individual, to which a distinctive UVA treatment is then added.


Snapshots of the space are combined to create a fluid history of all movement in the space. Viewers can therefore interact with their own history, creating new spatial forms as if painting with their body.

The scene is rendered from a shifting viewpoint, allowing viewers to see themselves from unusual angles. At the same time, the stereo process introduces unexpected errors and distortions, forcing us to consider that the machine has its own way of seeing, and thereby foregrounding the limitations of our own perception.

Visitors can go online after their visit to view their trippy snapshots and purchase prints as mementos of the experience.

In London, Kemistry Gallery, until August 20.

Via flavourpill.