Strawberry milk sausages

When I was a kid and too young to complain, my mum cooked us one of her specialities, les peches au thon: peaches fresh from the tin and “filled” with tuna + mayonnaise. It doesn’t mean I’m ready to eat these sausages:

In a bid to boost declining sales of fish-meat sausages, Nippon Suisan Kaisha has come up with a flavor designed specifically to attract children — strawberry milk.


The firm has seasoned the sausages by adding strawberry juice and milk to them. The texture and flavor of the sausages are reportedly close to those of regular fish-meat sausages, with the exception that the aftertaste of strawberries remains.

“It’s an unexpected combination, but a taste that children will like,” a Nissui official said. “Strawberries go well with minced fish.”

The company will sell the strawberry milk sausages in packs of five and is expecting them to be a hit, aiming for sales of 200 million yen in the first year.

Via MSN-Mainichi.