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Evolving from her Martyrs Murder collection, Diana Thorneycroft is to show her new work series entitled The Canadiana Martyrdom at LEE Ka-sing gallery in Toronto.
0martyrdonm.jpgThe Martyrdom of Captain Canuck, 2005
Mixing conventional narratives of martyrdom with typically Canadian landscapes and icons –the RCMP, hockey players, elk, moose, etc, the artist composed scenes that shifted “spiritual enlightenment towards the absurd”, themes that no longer link to specific Christian martyrs but to tourism, national identity, Canadian culture and industry. The work also addresses the way murder is being used as a form of entertainment in films and TV series.
The show opens on Saturday, September 30 and runs through October 29, at the LEE Ka-sing gallery in Toronto. The same series of work is also on show elsewhere in Canada, In Calgary at the Skew Gallery until October 14.
Via artpost.