Shocking crochet

I thought the most delirious piece of craft I had ever seen was Mark Newport’s Hand-Knit Costumes and Embroidered Comic Book Cover (via the crochet-maniac), till I saw the work of Ming-Yi Sung.

She’s currently showing some awesome nude figures at the “Not the Knitting You Know” exhibition, at Eleven Eleven Sculpture Space.


Problem is that the gallery is also the lobby of the office tower leased by a law firm which members were offended because of the exposed genitalia.

Sung came up with an alternative: her pieces were covered by crocheted fig leaves — plus one crocheted codpiece that actually looks like a cod.

Not the Knitting You Know: Sculptural Knitting and Crochet at Eleven Eleven Sculpture Space, 1111 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, through Sept. 10.

Via Extreme Craft.

Ok, this blog is supposed to be about cool techno stuff and high-brow-ish media art installations. By posting so many “vintage” links, I had already lost any credibility anyway.