Glow Positioning System

Glow Positioning System is a 1000-foot ring of lights installed in Mumbai, on January 2005. Lights were installed on the facades and rooftops (and sometimes interiors) of homes, a real-estate office, a razor-blade manufacturer’s office, a transit lodge, an abandoned bank, shops and restaurants, and a 100-year old heritage structure (the GPO).


The continuous loop of lights bridges the roads, connects trees to buildings, and lights up the buildings. People on the street can illuminate this “path” using a hand-crank mounted on the pavement. As one turns the crank, the lit part of the ring of lights moves, for example from one minaret to the trees. Changing the speed of rotation causes variable persistence effects (both actual and perceived).

This installation explores the relationship between physical and “virtual” aspects of the urban landscape through light and electricity.

Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica.