Get It Louder (Part 2, Japan)

Get It Louder (Part 1, China)

Just a tiny add-on focusing on the Japanese Chapter of Get It Louder.
Curator Mami Kataoka selected 4 emerging artists:

Akino Kondoh works in various media including acrylic and graphite paintings, sculptures, hand-drawn animations, and mangas.

0akinoooo.jpgAnimation work “Ladybird’s Requiem”

There were screenings of her animations in the exhibition space, and it was lovely to see how much they mesmerized anyone passing by. Some of Akino Kondoh‘s videos are on you tube, i love the one below, it’s called Densya Kamo Shirenai:

Hiraki Sawa -whose videos seem to become the staple of new media festival these days- is a master in the art of revealing the quiet, surrealist going-ons of domestic objects and devices. Miniature airplanes fly about an apartment, camels walk onto the bathroom sink, rocking horses swim into the bathtub, etc.

Stills from Elsewhere, 2003 and Going places sitting down, 2004

Tsujikawa Koichiro is another Japanese video artist whose popularity is increasing fast and steady. He works mostly for commercials and music videos. Pink Tentacle highlighted a collection of his works.

0acornelllll.jpgTsujikawa Koichiro for Cornelius “Like A Rolling Stone”

Finally there was artist and designer Masahiro Fukuyama whose armours are by inspired by the ancient culture of the Samurai and contemporary game-culture.

0aadedicationsoi.jpgThe Dedication of Soul, photo by Namiko Kitaura

0aaarmurea.jpg0aaalalamo.jpgElegant Slave, photo by Namiko Kitaura and the Otoko Lamp (which was not exhibited but i found it irresistible)