Short and cheerful post

5yeux62eb8_z.jpgMarina De Caro, 4 Ojos, 2008

Yesterday i was going through the press images of the 11th Biennale de Lyon which will open on September 15 and stumbled upon a work by Marina De Caro. I know nothing about it, except what Frieze magazine writes: Marina de Caro’s work 4 Ojos (4 Eyes, 2007) is a video that portrays the artist wandering through Buenos Aires as a comical yet oddly poignant two-headed being. This four-eyed creature purports to have two consciousnesses, owing to the fact that its second head, which exhibits the will of a helium balloon, floats any which way it pleases while tethered to its twin only by a lengthy, limber neck.

That’s it, now i just want to see the video.
I also think i looks like her.

4taxiii3ef9b71.jpgMarina De Caro, 4 Ojos, 2008

5yeux659_z.jpgMarina De Caro, 4 Ojos, 2008

4portraitbanc405.jpgMarina De Caro, 4 Ojos, 2008

4defacea9637d7.jpgMarina De Caro, 4 Ojos, 2008

More images in the project flickr set.