Video: Malamp UK – Brandon Ballengee

For the past ten years, Brandon Ballengée‘s work has been the observation of amphibian declines and deformities.

In 2007, The Arts Catalyst in England commissioned the artist to lead a UK study into declining amphibian species, working with the public as well as collaborating scientists.

0aabrandonffrro.jpgCleared and Stained American Bullfrog, collected in Brown County, 1954. Photographed July 17, 2001, from the collection of the Hefner Zoology Museum, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

I find his work deeply moving for many reasons. One of them has to do with the way he communicates his work. He produces not only amazingly beautiful images of these deformed amphibians but also takes his discourse out of the white walls of art galleries (where aonly a certain category of people will ever get to see them) by taking people to field trips and let them experience first hand what his happening in their own backyards.

The Arts Catalyst has just released a video that documents the project to date:

You can also see some of Brandon’s work at Exit Art in New York in the E.P.A. (Environmental Performance Actions) exhibition through May 17, 2008.

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