For Japan first

…later, maybe some of the new Japanese consumer electronics that made their debut at CEATEC will land in EUrope and US.

Among them:
The Scopo, by Mitsubishi is a headset with an eye-level LCD screen that provides a viewing experience similar to that of a 10-inch screen. A belt-carried unit contains the silicon that creates images on the screen. The belt unit can be attached to a mobile phone or other device that can feed video into the headset.


Panasonic wall-size “wallpaper” touch screen is 4.5 meters by 1.65. The screen can serve up television, e-mail, multiple video streams and games simultaneously or be used for videoconferencing. The background “wallpaper” can be changed to suit the viewer’s mood.


Panasonic also showed off a kitchen table with four embedded LCD screens. By touching different graphics on the screen (for example, a fish), you can pop up personal calendars, messages or pictures. Open files could also be flicked from one screen to another with a finger. The screens, however, were only demonstration units.

Via Clippings Lost Remote Cnet .