My second post on Japan Media Art Festival is about Flipbook! by a Colombian artist Juan Carlos Ospina Gonzalez. (BTW, an English summary of the festival with the list of winners can also be found at Anime News Network.)


It’s a web application that allows people to easily create frame animation by simply drawing on screen and publish it online (yeah, it’s that simple – and works well). There are over 180,000 animation clips contributed by the visitors (including me) and the number is increasing. This work’s value would be not only in the web application itself but also in the media space that is rapidly expanding through end-user contributions — and the simple and inclusive user interface that invites people from many countries in the world to create and contribute.

[the latest contribution at the time of writing.]

A cool feature you might not want to miss: you can download a PDF version of an animation clip, print it, cut & bind, and create a physical flipbook of animation. My first time to print animated web contents so easily.