ReD’s Design project for the M-City show

m_city_exhibition.jpgReD Research + Design, a architecture and digital fabrication studio directed by Marta Malé-Alemany and José Pedro Sousa, won a FEIDAD 2005 (Far Eastern International Digital Architectural Design Award) award for their work for the M.City exihibition inside the Kunsthaus Graz (Austria), famous for the BIX Media Facade.

The main point of the program is to interface the exterior and interior of the architecture. Kunsthaus is a freeform media architecture. When making plans for the interior exhibition, it’s a real challenge to deal with the unequal space, the scattered light, the undivided room, etc. ReD solved these “problems” with the conception of ‘interfacing’. First they made out modules for the space after accurate digital calculation. On the first floor, the designers hang individual soft light covers (Flags) of variable length to diffuse their illumination. On the second floor, other modules, called CONEplex, seem to float above the exhibition floor and create 6 differentiated, dark and intimate spaces.

M.City, though it was designed as a temporary installation, makes perfect connection between the dynamic attribute and the subsistent space as well as between the interior and exterior of the architecture. As Mies Van Der Rohe (1886-1969) said, ‘God is in the detail’, the work is direct but brilliant at every step from the analysis of the whole idea, the decision, the process and to the result.

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