European Environment and Health Ministers’s blood contaminated by 55 industrial chemicals

The WWF performed blood tests on fourteen European Environment and Health Ministers in June 2004 and found out that they are contaminated with dozens of industrial chemicals, including those used in fire-resistant sofas, non-stick pans, grease proof-pizza boxes, flexible PVC, fragrances, pesticides, and twenty two PCBs. Some are still in use today although they were banned decades ago.

cristinanarbonamuestra6[1].jpgMany of the chemicals found in the Ministers are persistent, bio-accumulative and capable of disrupting the hormone systems of wildlife and people.

The tests are a contribution to the debate within the European Union on REACH “Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of chemicals”, the proposed new chemical law that should lead to the identification and phasing out of the most harmful chemicals.

Via Pasta & Vinegar WWF.
See also “The Chemical Home“, a campaign by Greenpeace that tested everyday products that frequently contain harmful chemicals.