Encounters in the virtual red-light district

The sexy entry of the week… to increase traffic on the blog.

Red Light World mixes The Sims, Match.com and Amsterdam’s red-light district.

New members create an avatar and then stroll through the streets of the 3-D virtual (in)famous quarter. Along the way, they can have a peek in its XXX movie theaters, Viagra outlets, sex toy shops or drool over the ladies behind the windows.

But you can also bump into sexy (hopefully) singles and start a conversation about the functionnalities of plastic vibrators.

Red Light World is made up of a large number of online porn sites cobbled together: when a user walks into one of the movie theaters and choose a screen to watch a film, the service launches a website with hard- or softcore movies. Similarly, clicking to see the women behind the windows opens up third-party porn sites that charge extra for their content.


From Wired.