Electrical Fantasista

(written by manekineko)

An interesting event about the intersection of art and technology is taking place at BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama later this month. The event, “Electrical Fantasista” starts on February 24 and lasts till March 14.

[Electrical Fantasista. From the event’s website (in Japanese)]

Featured at the event are: fur‘s Painstation (see the entry “Artgames. Part I“) and The LegShocker, Crispin Jones‘s Katazuke and Watches (related entry “The 7 Mr Jones Watches“), Sachiko Kodama‘s Morpohtower, Yasuaki Kakehi and Takeshi Naemura’s through the looking glass, and many more.

Details are yet to be available but there are at least a couple other projects worth mentioning here.

One is co-animation tale joint project by Fumiya Taruto & Trigger Device. They are the team who developed several out-of-the-box techniques for making animation such as: animacart, futomaki anime, pata pata anime photo studio, anime loupe, para para last and first and clay anime cafe. The co-animation table looks most similar to the clay anime cafe, which allows anyone easily create clay animation using the technology hidden in a down-home wooden table.

[co-animation table]

The other project is Misleading Misreading by United Bows (Asao Nobi, Ken Imai, and Eiji Aramaki). It sounds like an interactive piece that allows visitors to play with words and then see how the words are socially transformed in unexpected ways. Will see if I can get more info about this project soon …

thanks regine for pointing me to the websites.