Air trees

Ecoboulevard of Vallecas near Madrid, designed by [ecosistema urbano].


Each one of the 3 “air trees� is 20 meters in diametre. The first air tree is built as a column of air, the inside is covered with vegetation. The second air tree will be covered by plants both on the inside and the outside. The last one will be wearing a similar green cover but its inside will become a huge screen for videos, there will be seats to host the audience and a big canopy to protect them from the sun and the rain.

Each air tree is easy to assemble and move to other locations and it consumes only the energy it creates thanks to the use of photovoltaic technology. A system of evaporation and condensation provides the air conditioning and ensures that throughout hot Spanish summers the inside of the building is 8 to 10 grades cooler than the outside.


Via Domus. MorfoLL has loads of images, Fresh Madrid has renderings and there’s an interview of the architects on rospotline.