Double vision TV to keep the whole family happy

Sharp has apparently developed the first liquid crystal display that shows two completely different images depending on where you are sitting.

Equipped with DualView, a TV can be showing news to everyone sitting on the right-hand side of the sofa, while those on the left (wearing headphones) could be playing a video game. It all depends on the angle from which the viewer is watching the screen.


At about 3ft from the screen, two people sitting just a foot apart would see different pictures.

The DualView works by introducing a minute filter in front of the existing LCD display. The filter sends the image from the backlight in two directions. The same barrier serves to block the unwanted image from the viewers on either side.

One of the first applications for the DualView will be in cars, where the screens used in navigation systems could be put to double use — the driver would see only the map and traffic information, while the passenger could be watching a DVD.

The first working versions of the TVs should be in Japanese stores in time for Christmas and cost around 50 per cent more than a normal LCD screen.

Via The Times. Picture from PhysOrg.