Design for Increased Energy Awareness

STATIC! is a project by the Swedish Interactive Institute that revisits the design of everyday things to increase our awareness of how energy is used.

For example, the bathroom Disappearing-Pattern Tiles are decorated with patterns in a thermo-chromic ink that reacts to heat, fading away to reflect the intensity of hot-water use. The longer the shower, the less decoration on the wall.

The form of the Flower Lamp reflects the energy used. It “blooms” when energy consumption in a household has been low for some time. In order to make the lamp more beautiful, a change in behaviour is needed.


The Energy Curtain is woven from a combination of textile, solar-collection and light-emitting materials. During the day, the shade can be drawn to collect sunlight and, during the evening, the energy is expressed as a glowing pattern.

The Energy Tap is a self-sustaining energy outlet may be inserted into any public space, and cranked to generate energy to power an electric or electronic appliance to facilitate any sort of activity.