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The story of Ayu, a 17-year-old girl who finds love through a chance encounter, touched the hearts of so many cell phone novel readers that it went on to be published in print, become a best seller, and is now being made into a movie. Beyond the storyline, readers also enjoyed the interactive and collaborative efforts that the novel offered by being on the internet: readers were able to type in ideas so new plot twists could be added on as the story progressed.

kicked off a guerilla-style marketing campaign for his mobile novel Deep Love (which is about a teenage girl) by passing out flyers to thousands of high school girls in the ultrahip district of Shibuya. Deep Love ended up becoming so popular that it was turned into an actual printed book and became a bestseller. Not surprisingly, a film is in the works.

that’s the story of this story through media: guerrilla flyers > txt on mobilephone > web > book > movie. (!!)