Cute solutions for the wired rooms

Since the toaster, mixer, micorwave oven and battery charger have not gone wireless yet, French design group Hotchoz has designed a line of very stylish and child-safe power management accessories called the Centfils (French for 1000 cords.)


– Odile (the pink one) is a desktop “bucket” of plugs which provides an enclosure for 5 cellphone, battery charger, MP3 players, or other small power supplies.

– Oscar (mr. Blue) hides five plug receptacles under his ruffled skirt. When place in a child’s room, its little lights that look like eyes indicate on-ness.

– Octave offers eight flower-like plug receivers on flexible stalks in a plastic enclosure. It sits on the floor and acts as a sort of extension cord/powerstrip combo.

Via ID Fuel.