Weapons for the corporate armoury

Corporate Sabotage, by Kok-Chian Leong, examines the private politics behind the corporate world, an environment where competitiveness turns into deceit.

The project investigates the possibility of designing a weapon that inflicts trauma on your co-worker in a non-lethal manner. The relationship between the co-workers deteriorate as a result, the victim’s performance drops and eventually loses his job, thereby allowing you to get ahead in business.


“The Firefly tool intercepts the scanning job through the use of intermittent bright flashing lights in the scanner. The frequency of activation causes disturbances to the output. The result is random imperfect quality on the final scanned document.

The Woodpecker tool produces irregular stamping action in the printer. This action is synchronised with the mechanical movement of the print head to create an array of patches in the final printout, rendering it useless.”

The Cateye tool is basically the eye of the saboteur. Strategically placed, this spy camera allows you to pry on the victim’s actions and intentions.

Finally, The Remote unit controls Firefly and Woodpecker. Its
effectiveness is dependent on the precise moment of execution.

Check it out at the ISEA 2006 festival in San Jose this summer.