Ascii carpet

carpet/?s is an internet based project that allows you to purchase a personalised carpet made out of ascii (American Standart Code for Information Interchange). It runs on a php application where internet resources are used as yarn to make ascii cloths.


The user only has to do one click and a machine does the rest. The program generates textual output, and the ascii is always unique. It is based on the time when the surfer goes to a web site. The time in a form of hh:mm:ss is then used as a keyword for the results taken from a search engine. The program downloads the contents of a second given result, rejects html tags and white spaces and puts all textual content into a carpet-like form. The produced carpet-like image can be printed out or weaved in a factory and then shipped to the addressee.

By triple-double-u.

Via Mika Meskanen.