Vacuuming digital trash

I don’t know how this one works exactly but i like the idea that simple functions of internet could spread into household objects -like Tom Igoe’s Email Clock that compulsively checks his email for him and netCuckoo, a cuckoo clock that displays news, with a switch to choose between left wing or right wing news (from the netObjects project):

The Famulus project, by Martin Pichlmair, consists of a modified vacuum cleaner and a dedicated server. Its function is to take the place of the trash bin metaphor found on the desktop of your computer.


Instead of moving unwanted trash into the bin, the digital debris is sent over to Famulus that consumes it. A realistic sounding vacuum cleaning noise expresses the complexity of the object sucked in. Plug-ins are used in order to hand over as many data types as possible. Currently, FAMULUS can imbibe e-mail messages and RSS feed items.

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