Best wishes and a tour of your favourite posts in 2008

Happy new year dear readers!

2008 has been a bit of a ‘detox’ year for wmmna as i’ve been slowly drifting away from what had made the success (it’s all relativity) of my blog: new media art. 6 months ago i didn’t think i would write this but here we go: ‘i’m starting to miss you, new media art. I still have my doubts and a few issues to settle with you but i would love it if you could give me another try.’

Some of you might have noticed that the rss feed of wmmna is severely ill. It’s been almost 3 weeks already. We are trying to fix it so bear with us.

Let’s kick off this year with a top 10 of the stories which you have clicked the most in 2008. Starting with a quick comment on the categories you’ve most perused: architecture (yes! yes! good choice!), sex (can’t pretend i’m much surprised), then design (a category i’ve been trying to kill for almost 2 years now but it appears to be much stronger than i), art from japan, installation, wearable, art in berlin, art, gadgets and finally my new favourite: activism.

Now for the most popular posts:
Virtual Transgender Suit, avatar termination and other online world tales
Robot ‘plays back’ dreams
Automatic door… Japan style (an oldie from 2005)
24c3: The history of guerilla knitting
Pricked: Extreme Embroidery
Interview with Riitta Ikonen
DIY tractor culture in Poland
SUPERDOME at the Palais de Tokyo
Conflux: Vertical Bed
and Visualizing: tracing an aesthetics of data.

0aapiratttotntni.jpgCaribbean Pirates, 2001-05. Courtesy Hauser & Wirth

I couldn’t help but think at what my own top 10 would be. I was unable to list my 10 favourite posts of 2008 but i can tell you which exhibition has blown me away like nothing else ever did before. It was the Paul McCarthy retrospective at the S.M.A.K. I wish i could see that one again and again. I wish i could blog it again.