The SweaterLodge

Bill Pechet and Stephanie Robb’s SweaterLodge envisions a future where daily objects become multifunctional: a sweater becomes a lodge, packs become sofas and bicycles become film projectors. The work addresses both sustainability and multifunctionality in an age of increasingly crowded urban centres and ever-smaller living spaces.


The major element of SweaterLodge is a giant polar fleece enclosure made from recycled plastic drink containers. Inside the sweater/pavilion, digital film projections show vignettes about a city that intertwines wilderness and modern urban life. Each projection is activated by a visitor pedaling a stationary bicycle: the faster they pedal, the faster the video plays. The shipping crates and baggage used to transport the exhibition will transform to become pavilion furniture.

After the exhibition, the 350 m2 sweater will be recycled into hats, scarves and mitts for the community.

The project will represent Canada at the 2006 Venice Biennale in Architecture, sept-nov 2006.