Aron’s School for Frogs

0frogsgsfsfse.jpgFrogs are a threatened species: their natural wetland habitats have disappeared with modern farming and the growth of cities, they get run over by cars and are very vulnerable to pollution, especially in water. Aron’s School for Frogs aims to provide the animals with life-saving knowledge.

The education that artist Aron Fleming Falk offers them is focused on different ways to build dams, move water and water purification, as well as how to build tunnels to get under roads that cross their path. The frogs get also courses in human behavior, human economics, how to build windmills and waterwheels to produce power, art, music and philosophy.

Exhibitions of the project allows the audience to participate in their education. Besides guest lecturers are invited to the school.


All lectures are recorded or taken from audio books so that frogs can listen to the lectures over and over again, and learn in their own tempo. The courses are played back through a filter that modulates the sound with their own croaks.

For more complex thing as water wheels, pumps and other constructions the frogs have access to models that they can examine as well as material to build their own constructions.

The school, located in an old green house, houses a class of ten frogs and six toads. When they have finished their studies frogs are returned to their natural habitat so that they can share their knowledge with the other frogs.

Although the experiment might sound rather odd, it is inspired by animals (rats, doves, mice, cockroaches, etc.) that have adopted and evolved their lifestyle to be able to live in close relation with us.

Video report with english subtitles. Images.

Thanks Lukiss!

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